New year resolutions

These end days of the year make me so busy with the deadline of project.

In a moment, I forgot to draw out the new year resolutions for my selfuntil I accidentally read a post in forum of a member has nickLife/Death, I think I should write out my resolutions for next year andtry to target on these .

First, the next year , as the fortune, that my unlucky year , so,I must be careful with every actions, every thinking. Must be morecareful. Must be more self possessed.

In next year, I also have to balance between my personality with my love , I will try my best to keep my love and never repeat any passed problem with others .

In the next year, I also have to complete my last subject from university to prepare the master degree abroad in some next few year .

A new job at new company give me more profit, more challenges and I also must try harder and harder. In the end of next year, I’ll try my best to have the new title .

I also want to change my style to be more self movitated and more active in society relationship and change the way of thinking about life and any thing arround . Let’s be more optimistic .

Lot of things to think, lot of work to do in the next year .

Just want to say Happy new year

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