2011’s todo list

The year 2011 finally has come. Lot of lines in the to do list of 2010 were checked while some of them are not yet and remain until this year.

Year 2011 seems a busy and pressures on me, but even though, a to do list for the year also must be done.

Todo List of 2011
Todo List of 2011
  1. The most important task in 2011 is saving money for school fee and the expenditures for staying in Switzerland in around 6 months in 2012. It’s not a small deal but also not a big deal.
  2. Go to see dad at least 8 times.
  3. Get the best mark in school, it will encourage me and helps me reduce the pressure with joy and happiness. To do this, I have to work hard and have better time management skill. Improve this asap.
  4. Make one more step in the career path, involve more with customers and oversea technical consultant.
  5. Visit 2 more new cities/countries. Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali of Indonesia and Sapa are in this list.
  6. Start new business before end of 1st quarter.
  7. Better personal financing and personal accounting plan.

These are the most important targets in the year 2011. It’s better to start implementing each item in action plan now.

Happy new year!

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