Apple is Now the Second Most Valuable Brand in the World [REPORT]

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The value of Apple’s brand increased by 129% in the past year, from about $33 billion in 2011 to $76 billion this year, according to Interbrand’s 2012 global brand rankings. This year-over-year increase — the most of any company on the list — was enough to help Apple go from being the eighth most-valuable brand in the world to the second most-valuable brand, only behind Coca-Cola.

In the process, Apple passed several other big tech companies in brand value, including IBM, Google and Microsoft, the last of which actually saw its brand value decline slightly year-over-year.

Who says Apple is struggling without Steve Jobs?
Who says Apple is struggling without Steve Jobs?

Interbrand, a branding consultancy, analyzes each brand’s strength relative to others in its industry as well as the role that the brand plays in consumer purchasing decisions and the company’s financial performance in order to come up with the brand’s overall value.

“Despite Steve Jobs’ passing, consumers’ emotional connection to the Apple brand remains stronger than ever – this was made clear just recently with the launch of iPhone 5,” Interbrand noted in its report. “Even in the face of increasing competition from rivals Google and Samsung, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the Apple brand and its intellectual property.”

In particular, Interbrand highlights the hugely successful launches of the most recent iPhone and iPad, and the company’s record financial earnings as contributing to Apple’s increasing brand value. In fact, Apple became the most valuable company by market cap in history earlier this year.

Ultimatly, though, Apple’s brand value comes down to something more fundamental pointed out by Interbrand in the study: “Apple now produces items that consumers feel they must own to fit in socially.”

Source: Mashable

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