Lucie Silvas – The Same Side – Release in 13th Oct 2006

Lucie Silvas –

The Same Side

Will Release in 13th Nov 2006
Will Available on 5th Nov 2006
Original Date: 23th Oct 2006

Track Listings

1. Last Year
2. Sinking In
3. Same Side
4. Trying Not To Lose
5. Something About You
6. Place To Hide
7. Almost
8. Right Here
9. Counting
10. Already Gone
11. Alone
12. Passionate You
13. Passionate You/Stolen
14. Stolen
2006 Issued Sophomore Album from the Best Selling British Singer/Songwriter. The Set features 12 Excellent Self-penned Songs (Plus a Beautiful, Bonus Hidden Track) and is Simply her Best Work Yet.   Ms. Silvas Says,  “i Knew What I Wanted with this Album. I Just Wanted to Sing My Songs, Play My Piano and have a Sound That’s Authentic. No Programming Or Artificial Sounds of the Moment”. Includes the Single Highlight, “Last Year”, a Multi-layered Ballad that is Evocative, Warm, Intimate and Completely Addictive.



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